Along came a Spark.
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Imagine this….
In the middle of a dark and crowded Austin dancefloor, finding an instant connection with someone you never met before that is sparked by a first dance that soon turned into a 7+ hour marathon while dancing to the beautiful beats of Douceur.

Welcome to the real fairytale story of Smile & Syreeta!
Unlike many first introductions where “Hello my name is…” are the first words casually spoken, these two instantly bonded with a nostalgic long and warm embrace without even knowing who or what each other actually looked like until the lights turned on. The technicality was a non-factor in achieving this dance connection. In fact, this moment proved that each choosing the act of letting go made it possible to seize that present moment, creating the space for their hearts to do the talking.

Ironically, after their dance, they discovered a connection between their shared ancestry in Cameroon. This further revealed the serendipity of two complete strangers uniting for a beautiful purpose that is now challenging the way dancers think of connection.

Together Smile & Syreeta create a movement inspired to empower others through the art of dance connection they too experienced. Dance Travel, Fashion and Lifestyle set the stage for exciting new adventures to come.

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Emile – Barefoot Smile – lives and works in Quebec City Canada, however, also a native of Cameroon. He is a passionate dancer and up and coming writer of a book entitled “Dancing for Growth, Togetherness, and Happiness’. His vision is to positively impact the dance community, one smile at a time, one barefoot dance at a time.
As a dancer with 7+ years of experience, he started his dance journey with salsa and bachata then later fell in love with Kizomba early into his journey. Dancing became a lifestyle for him as he transformed his dance into a constructive outlet that has helped him find the strength to overcome life challenges.

Syreeta, a native Dallas, Texas rising star, is a passionate and versatile dancer of salsa, bachata, kizomba, douceur and Urbankiz. She is an avid believer in thinking outside of the box to help couples realize their fullest potential for achieving intimacy through dance connection and communication.
Inquisitive about all things culture related, she really enjoys investing her time into relationships, travel, education and events to improve/enrich the quality of interpersonal exchanges. Beyond dancing, she is a trusted Certified Personalisys Coach and Project Manager who has spent over 10 years working relentlessly to master people engineering skills to improve team productivity and personal communications.
Back in her hometown Dallas, she is an active dance performer at Dallas Salsa Congress and various local venues.


Smile & Syreeta have teamed up to create the first edition Smile Paradise Weekender which was launched recently on Oct 25-27, 2019, and it was a wild success that caused a ripple effect of smiles worldwide.

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